A perfect day ends with a swim!

A perfect day ends with a swim!

RIB-boats in the morning. Goggles on and we speeeeeed between hundreds and hundreds of islands. All of a sudden a pod of seals, how cute they are! After a walk in the quaint archipelago village Vaxholm we are picked up by a steam boat. On board an abundant Swedish Smörgåsbord served by the book, skål! Coffee, deserts and soft live music to entertain us on our way back. A perfect day at sea ends with a swim!

Did you know?

The city of Stockholm has an ongoing Water Protection and Water Conservation Programme. The project started in 2006 and is to be concluded in 2015. The objective with the program is to improve the status and quality of all the city`s watercourses and groundwater as well as develop surrounding recreational areas.

Water is essential for Stockholm. For the city landscape, for recreation and outdoor life.

Swim, fish, cruise, ice skate, canoe, sail, kajak, snorkel, dive or just sit down, relax and enjoy a stunning water view.

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